Happy Feet Dancing Competition

Dance competition in school is not just about the trophy. It is an important learning activity for students of all ages. Whether one aspires to be an artist or a singer or a dancer, competitions like these build confidence, eliminate stage fright and help bonding with others.

In order to bring to light the artistic side of our talented students, a 'Happy feet Dancing Competition' was organised for grades nursery and prep at Prudence Junior.
The spectators bore witness to the enthusiasm and the electric energy of our young champs as they enthralled everyone with their performances. Shaking their little hands, feet and bodies, our beautifully dressed teeny-weeny children twirled, flipped and jumped on the stage. Different kinds of dance forms like western, contemporary, hip-hop and classical were performed. Children used interesting props like hats, chairs and sticks. The choreography, rhythm and presentation of all the students were heart warming to say the least.