A Salute to our roots - Grandparents Day Celebration

Grandparents fill the world with love and warmth. Their presence is like a blessing in our life. In order to reciprocate the unconditional love of Grandparents, the students of Prudence Kindergarten, gathered together to celebrate Grandparents Day.

The grandparents were touched by the mesmerising performances given by the children. The teachers added to the aura by presenting a beautiful dance performance on the parody of songs which took grandparents to their age old memories. Subsequently, the grandparents also enthusiastically participated in various games and dance session.

Indeed it was an amazing day which enabled the Grandparents to unleash the inner child in them and left the grandparents with smiling faces and loads of memories to cherish forever! The presence of the grandparents brought in goodness and positivity in the campus.